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L85A2 with L123A1 UGL.jpg
Users British Army
Capacity One
Cartridge 40mm
Fire Mode Single Shot
The L123A2 is a single-shot, breech-loaded grenade launcher mounted onto the L85A2 series of assault rifles. Originally designed in Germany, its spring-loaded side opening barrel allows for easy loading and the ability for longer grenades to be loaded into the weapon. The 40mm High Explosive Dual Purpose grenades can be used as a means of damaging lightly armored targets and vehicles.
~ In-game description

The L123A2 is a grenade launcher featured in Squad.

General Information[]

The AG36 is a single-shot 40 mm grenade launcher that operates on the High-Low System and was designed primarily for installation on the G36 assault rifle, designed by the German weapons manufacturing company Heckler & Koch. It is the standard grenade launcher for the British Army, for use on the L85A2 rifle. In British use it is designated L123. The L123 is the standard grenade launcher for the British Army since 2002 with the latest variation designated the L123A3.


  • The L123A2 High Explosive Dual Purpose round's in-game stats are as follows:
    • Arming Distance: 10m
    • Explosion Radius: 15m
    • Penetration Capability: 10mm RHA


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