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Grenade IMG 3098.jpg
Users British Army
Capacity Single Unit
Cartridge 155g of TNT
Fire Mode Throw

The L109A1 is a British Army fragmentation grenade in Squad.[1]

General Information[]

The L109A1 is the British designation of the Swiss HG 85 anti-infantry fragmentation grenade. It weighs a total of four hundred and sixty-five grams and can be thrown by the average male soldier twenty meters.


The L109A1 hand grenade can be thrown approximately fifty to sixty metres across a flat surface. Immediately after the grenade is thrown, detonation occurs after four seconds. The blast radius is approximately six metres from the center, with further damage occurring within sixteen metres of the detonation site. The following kits are issued with the grenade: all squad leaders, SUSAT medic, all riflemen, iron sight Minimi automatic rifleman, L86A2 LSW marksman, all light anti-tank, and all heavy anti-tank.


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