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Kord Heavy Machine Gun.jpg
Users Russian Ground Forces
Capacity 100/450-round belt
Cartridge 12.7×108mm
Fire Mode Automatic at 650-750 rp/m

The Kord Machine Gun is a heavy machine gun (HMG) available in Squad.

General Information[]

The Kord-12.7 mm heavy machine gun is a Russian design that entered service in 1998 replacing the older NSV machine gun. Externally the weapon resembles the NSV; however, the internal mechanism has been extensively reworked, changing from a horizontally pivoting breech block to a rotating bolt design. Additionally the gas system has been changed and the muzzle baffle redesigned. These changes give the weapon reduced recoil compared with the NSV, allowing greater accuracy during sustained fire.


  • The Kord is available to the Russian Ground Forces and Middle Eastern Alliance.
  • Several vehicles in Squad is armed with the Kord. Both Tigr-Ms of the Russian Ground Forces has the Kord as their primary weapons. The open-top variant has 100 rounds and 10 boxes, while the RWS variant has 450 continuous rounds and turret stabilization. It is also used by the Simir Kord of the Middle Eastern Alliance and it has 100 rounds and 10 boxes. The effective range of the Kord is 1.5 kilometers.
  • Statistically speaking, it is exactly the same as the older NSV heavy machine gun. Rate of fire, damage, ammo penetration, firing sounds, effective range, and cartridge used are all the same. Gameplay-wise, the Kord is used only on light vehicles typically with iron sights, while the NSV is emplaced with an optic, and mounted to tanks as an extra weapon.


  • Firepower of the 12.7x108mm cartridge deserves to be underestimated, as those bullets fail to penetrate most of conventional opposition's overbuffed armor, and can even be deflected by angled MATV(15mm with angled front) and TAPV(20mm with the front pre-angled; little/no angle required) armor, except for glass, depending on range(28mm penetration fall off massively at range). Bradley, for example, is fully immune to taking hp damage from it(35mm front, 30mm rear); Warrior could only be penetrated from the rear(the door) at flat angles, LAV6 could only be shot from the side on the beak(the flat side armor is 30mm), Stryker is mostly frontally immune and side shots require relatively flat angles. Even ASLAV is frontally immune on the hull(have to shoot the turret, and that fails at mid/long range)
  • Its fire rate is considerably higher than that of the M2A1, allowing the gunner to more liberally spray targets. Be careful however, as the machine gun can and will overheat with sustained fire. The usefulness of 12.7mm, despite the rate of fire "advantage"(offset by the much quicker overheat), is far more limited compared to 50cal which can penetrate all Russian armored vehicles below tank from front(including BMP-2 if one knows where to aim) combined with the fact that Russian vehicles tend to have lower hp (BTR: 1000hp, BMP-2/Stryker/ASLAV: 1250hp, Warrior/Bradley: 2000hp) - this results in a full belt of 100 12.7mm to be unable to even bring down Warrior apc to burning state(as opposed to full belt of 100 50cal being able to destroy BTR/BMP outright if all penetrated)


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