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KamAZ 5350
Vehicle Info
 Operators  Russian Ground Forces
 Maps Available  Anvil, Belaya Pass, Chora, en's, Fool's Road, Goose Bay, Gorodok, Jensen's, Kamdesh Highlands, Kohat Toi, Kokan, Lashkar Valley, Logar Valley, Manic-5, Mestia, Mutaha, Narva, Skorpo, Sumari Bala, Tallil Outskirts, Yehorivka

The KamAZ 5350 is a transport and logistics vehicle featured in Squad. It was introduced in the B21 update for the Russian Ground Forces replacing the Ural 4320's in their inventory.

General information[]

The KamAZ-5350 is a general utility truck that has been in service with the Russian Ground Forces since 2003 when the first vehicles were constructed and delivered. It is a member of the 'Mustang' family of military utility vehicles, which also includes 4x4 and 8x8 variants. With a maximum payload capacity of 6,000 kg and the ability to tow trailers and artillery pieces, the 5350 is a versatile logistics vehicle. The engine is a KamAZ-740 turbocharged V8 diesel producing 260 hp which propels the vehicle to a maximum road speed of 100 km/h. It is also fitted with a cold weather starter that can start the engine at temperatures down to -50 C.


The 5350 is only used by the Russian Ground Forces. As of its introduction, it is currently the fastest logistics truck in the game, edging out the M939 truck of the US Army, its closest comparison, in terms of speed. This fast speed however makes the truck flip over more often on turns, and is therefore less stable.

  • This vehicle has no armament and basically no armour. It must either be protected or kept away from the frontline action. The engine and tires can be disabled by small arms fire, meaning a lone infantryman can theoretically disable you with a few bursts into the front grill.
  • For more information, see "Loading and Unloading Supplies" section of Logistic System.


Kamaz 5350 Logi Infocard.jpg
Kamaz 5350 Trans Infocard.jpg

The KamAZ 5350 Transport Truck behaves just like other transport trucks in the game, only meant to serve as a transport vehicle for troops. It carries 300 ammo points for resupplying infantry and FOBs.

The KamAZ 5350 Logistics Truck behaves just like other logistics trucks in the game. Like its peers, it can carry up to 3000 supplies and comes with 1500 construction and ammo points by default.