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Jensen's Range
Jensen's Training Ridge 2.jpg
 Size  1320 x 1320 m (1.7 km²)
 Theater  N/A
 Location  N/A
 More  N/A
Jensens Range Minimap 7.jpg

Jensen's Range is one of the Maps available in Squad. It is a training map used for testing out the various weapons and vehicles in a special Game Mode called Firing Range.

You can play any faction on this map, and the game will give you options before loading in. Once in-game, you can also switch to the other layers of Jensen's Range with other factions using console commands.

This map is divided in the following parts:

  • Multiple shooting ranges for vehicles, small arms, and explosive weapons. Every emplaced weapon that is deployable at FOBs is present.
  • Basic descriptions of game items and their functions. ( FOB Radios, HABs, Rally Points, Ammo Crates, Buildable Fortifications, etc.)
  • A resettable Close Quarters Combat course known as the Killhouse Course and a miniature city-block for urban combat practice, known as the MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) course.
  • A motor-pool containing every vehicle variant available to the faction you are playing on the range. The vehicles in the motor-pool change when you switch to another faction.
  • A heliport section with 4 helipads where helicopters spawn

Jensen's Range has been overhauled numerous times. It is a good place to learn the basics of the game as well as get a feel for how weapons and explosives handle for different factions. You can test every kit and emplacement, operate any crew position in every vehicle, and practice your aim on a number of ranges.

The city block training area and killhouse serve as great places for clans to practice teamwork and communications.


Jensen's Range v1: BRITISH ARMY GB flag.jpg vs IM Flag.PNG MILITIA


Jensen's Range v3: MIDDLE EASTERN ALLIANCE MEA Flag.png vs Insurgents Flag.PNG INSURGENTS

Jensen's Range v4 CAF: CANADIAN ARMY Flag of Canada.png vs RGF Flag.PNG RUSSIAN GROUND FORCES

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