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Insurgency is one of the Game Modes in the game Squad.

The Objective of Insurgency is to destroy randomly spawned Caches of the Insurgents team.


At the beginning of each round, there are two large weapon caches that will appear to the The OPFOR after a short time. After a period of 4-6 minutes the Coalition will be notified of the first caches.

The game mode is slightly modified if playing on a "small" map, (Al Basrah, Sumari, Kokan, Logar Valley)

Injurgency - map at start

Coalition forces must gain "Intelligence points" gained by successfully killing insurgents. Once a threshold is reached 50, for small maps, or 60 for larger maps, a new cache will be revealed if 2 are not already active. Each new cache must be a minimum distance away from other caches, 300m for small maps, 400m for large. It will then find a valid cache spawn location that fits these conditions if possible, and then spawn the cache.

The OPFOR team has 250 tickets (depending on the map), while the BLUFOR team will start with 200 tickets. For BLUFOR to win the game, they must destroy 2 or 3 caches depending on the map, while the Insurgents needs to deplete the tickets of the BLUFOR team or run down the in-game round timer.

Destruction of the cache decreases the ticket count by 1 for the defending side, and increases the attacking side by 100 tickets.

The Insurgents must drain the BLUFOR team's tickets or wait out the clock to win.

How to destroy the cache[]

Only Squad Leader and Combat Engineer can destroy the cache.

The Squad Leader uses incendiary grenades to destroy the cache.

Incendiary Grenade.jpg

The Combat Engineer uses the c4 charge to destroy the cache. Note that teams can only have 2 Combat Engineers maximum.

NOTE: When you get close to the cache, it will advise that the object is destroyable with Engineer Explosives.

Insurgency weapon cache


If you do not see any weapon caches, you can wait for one to appear instead of spawning at the BCP. This can save a great deal of walking, better still speak to your squad leader to find what his plan is before spawning. With maps that don't have a BCP, place down extra FOBs and Rally Points (Spawn Points).

Map icons[]

Icon Description
03 03 03 GameMode Injurcency cache spawned.jpg
A newly spawned cache looks to Insurgents like this. The BLUFOR side will not see these on their map.
03 03 03 GameMode Injurcency cache defend.jpg
Shortly after the spawn, the blue defence shield indicates this spawn as defence point to Insurgents.
03 03 03 GameMode Injurcency cache intell.jpg
To the BLUFOR side, after they have killed enough Insurgents, this red attack marker will appear to indicate the area of a cache. Please note that this is not the exact location – you will have to scout the area around this marker to find the cache. Caches are often hidden in buildings.
03 03 03 GameMode Injurcency cache destroyed.jpg
A destroyed cache will look like this to all players.

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