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Weapon class Demolition Charge
Users Insurgents
Irregular Militia
Operation Command Detonation
Explosion radius 20m
Maximum allowed 5
An improvised explosive device rigged up to a simple cell phone detonator. Extremely damaging to anyone caught in the explosion, and can be hidden underground to make it harder to detect. IEDs can be disarmed with your entrenching tool.
~ In-game description

The Improvised Explosive Device (IED) is a Demolition Charge featured in Squad. It was added in the Alpha 9.4 update.[1]


The Insurgent and Irregular Militia Sapper class has access to the IED.

A Sapper can have up to 5 IEDs on the map at any time. Placing a new one will remove the oldest from the world.

When you have placed an IED you can dig it further into the ground to help conceal it, or leave it in plain sight to attempt to spook and funnel enemies into your other explosives or ambushes. This also means that your enemies can dig them up and thus neutralize them.

Unlike the M112 C4, SZ-1, TNT 600g and 1lb explosives, IEDs are remotely detonated. All Sappers are provided with a Cell Phone Detonator which they can use to detonate all their active IEDs on the map. When the button is pressed, the phone on the IEDs will start ringing, and explode after the short ringtone. This ringtone can give away the IED's location, possibly allowing enemy infantry to disarm it before it explodes, or giving ample time for them and any nearby vehicles to escape the blast radius.


  • IEDs can be placed on some vehicles to effectively create VBIEDs (Vehicle-Borne IEDs), or in simple terms, vehicle bombs.
  • IEDs, like other demolition charges, can be used to destroy enemy vehicles or deployables. A single IED will destroy a radio as long as its within its blast radius, while the other demolition charges can only take the radio down to 25% strength.
  • IEDs can be placed on rebel faction Commanders' drones or other vehicles, which can turn their simple surveillance drones into suicide bomber drones - or allow for VBIED.

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