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The Heavy Anti-Tank is one of the Specialist kits available in Squad. The Heavy Anti-Tank, along with the Light Anti-Tank, is specifically designed to destroy enemy vehicles with rockets.


The Heavy Anti-Tank is the most effective anti-vehicle role in Squad, equipped with the most powerful and greatest number of rockets. Given the kit's greater firepower compared with the Light Anti-Tank, each team is limited to just two Heavy Anti-Tank kits. The primary Heavy Anti-Tank kit is unlocked when a team reaches 15 players and the secondary kit is unlocked when a team reaches 20 players. Each squad requires a minimum of three players in order to claim each kit. One squad can claim both kits, although allowing two squads to claim a kit is generally preferred. The Heavy Anti-Tank role falls under the Specialist role type, which is limited to two per team.

Rockets specific to the Heavy Anti-Tank role include the M3 MAAWS/M2 Carl Gustav 84mm Tandem rocket and 84mm High Explosive Anti-Tank rocket, (US Army/Canadian Army), RPG-7 40mm RPG-7V2 Tandem Heavy Anti-Tank rocket (Russian Ground Forces, Irregular Militia, and Insurgents), and RPG-29 105mm Tandem Heavy Anti-Tank round (Irregular Militia, Insurgents, Middle Eastern Alliance). See each faction's Wiki page for a detailed load-out of each kit, as well as the Light Anti-Tank page.


  • The minimum arming distance of HAT rockets is 40 meters. This means your target must be at a distance of greater than the arming distance in order to explode. Heavy Anti-Tank players need to be able to visually know how far the arming distance is in-game so as to not waste a rocket by firing on an enemy vehicle that is too close. The RPG-29 has a lower arming distance, closer to 25 meters.
  • When playing as the Heavy Anti-tank, it is imperative that you know where enemy vehicles are on the map. Players in a squad and Squad Leaders themselves need to communicate with one another regarding the location of enemy vehicles, particularly Main Battle Tanks. Enemy vehicle markers should be placed by Squad Leaders whenever possible and deleted when unnecessary.
  • The Heavy Anti-Tank is one of the most valuable roles on the battlefield given its ability to destroy heavy enemy armor. The most important skills a Heavy Anti-Tank player can acquire is proper ranging and use of the Russian PGO-7 2.8x optic. Practice on the Shooting Range before playing on a server. Similarly, the same can be done with the M3 MAAWS of the US Army, with the only difference being that the sights can be adjusted to fit the target range, and the range markers on the sight change depending on the type of round that is loaded. Please refer to the RPG-7 page for information on how to properly range targets using the PGO-7 2.8x reticle, and the M3 MAAWS page.
  • When possible, have a Rifleman remain close to the Heavy Anti-Tank, especially if heavy armor such as a Main Battle Tank is nearby. This will allow the Heavy Anti-Tank player to quickly reload using the Rifleman's ammo bag in order to fire another rocket if necessary.
  • The Heavy Anti-Tank is often abbreviated as HAT.
  • Helicopters may be hit mid-air with practice. For a 100m target flying straight at normal speed, one must aim 2-3 helicopter lengths ahead. Helicopters may seem closer than they actually are.
  • Most HAT kits have both a stronger and a weaker rocket. If possible, fire a ranging shot with the weaker rocket first, aiming to disable tracks or wheels. Hold the rocket launcher still after firing, and observe which range mark the rocket lands on. This can be used to quickly and accurately calculate distance. Follow up with the stronger rocket.


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