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A medic at work on the battlefield. Because the viewing player is also a medic, you can also see a health icon in this image.

Health management is an important part of Squad, and the Medic plays a vital role in this. For every player he revives, tickets are spared for his team. Every wounded player brought back to full health is able to function longer. A dead player has to wait until he can respawn, and then he has to travel to get back to his squad in order to bring it back to its full fighting strength. Having medics to revive and heal friendlies can make the difference between winning and losing a fight or match.

Health condition[ | ]

The health condition of a player can go through the following states:

Icon Type Description
Icon ScoreboardRevive Healthy Unwounded. Players can move and control the weapon in optimal condition as long as stamina is correctly managed.
Icon ScoreboardHeal Wounded The player’s vision deteriorates instantly (the screen darkens), and their weapon stability is reduced significantly. Only medics can heal the player’s wounds using the medical kit. Medics can also heal themselves. Massive damage can immediately lead to an incapacitated state or death. When health is low enough, stamina regeneration stops.
Wounded is visible to friendly medics in the form of a color-coded ring around a "star of life" (the emergency medicine symbol). The color changes with health.
Icon Request bleeding-2 Bleeding The player begins to bleed if they have less than 75% health and take more than 10% damage. While bleeding, the player’s vision progressively deteriorates (the screen darkens), and their heartbeat becomes audible. For every second that the player is bleeding, their health decays by -0.3 HP/second and will eventually knock them out if left untreated. Bleeding is stopped by the application of a field dressing by the player themself, their teammates (non-medics), or a medic.
The field dressing must be applied first before treating any wounds with the medical kit. Bleeding is visible to friendly medics in the form of a color-coded ring around a drop of blood. The color changes by health, as with the wounded state.
Icon ScoreboardIncaps Incapacitated The player screams out in agony and goes down immediately once they reach 0% health. Their scream is audible to nearby players, including those on the opposing team. While incapacitated, the player is unable to perform any action (including looking around) aside from using the radio or local voice comms to direct a nearby teammate to their location.
Any teammate can use a field dressing to revive the downed player, but medics revive incapacitated soldiers 50% faster. The incapacitated player can either wait until they are revived or give up and respawn. To give up, either select "GIVE UP" on the prompt in the middle of the screen or go to the spawn screen and select "GIVE UP" at the bottom of the map. Time spent in the incapacitated state will reduce the respawn timer. When knocked out, if the player is not treated after 5 minutes (300 seconds, which are visible to others, by the red disappearing circle around the drop of blood), they will bleed out and die (this currently sometimes is far less for players that die inside vehicles).
If the downed player gets revived, they regain 20% health upon getting up.
Icon ScoreboardDeaths Dead The player lets out a death scream before being sent back to the menu. Their scream is audible to nearby players, including those on the opposing team. Dying or "giving up" costs one ticket. Upon respawning, the players' bodies will quickly disappear.

Health actions[ | ]

All players can perform the following actions:

  • Drag incapacitated players to safety
  • Bandaging themselves, by equipping a Field Dressing and holding down RMB until animation finishes. A velcro sound effect plays as the dressing is opened.
  • Bandaging a friendly player by equipping a Field Dressing and holding down LMB at the player until animation finishes. The same sound effect is heard.
    • An incapacitated player can be revived by bandaging. The process is identical, but be sure to stay clear of whatever caused the incapacitation.
    • Revived players have very low (~20%) health. As a result, it is best if a medic is available to restore health to full.

Medics can additionally perform the following:

  • Restore own health. Equip medical kit, hold down RMB until sufficient (e.g. when self-health icon at the bottom is green [full]).
  • Restore health for a friendly player. Equip medical kit, hold down LMB at player until sufficient (e.g. when health circle is full).

The medical kit is not useful on bleeding and incapacitated players. They must first be bandaged, which consumes field dressings. The kit itself is never consumed.

Medical work is best performed in a safe area. If another player is being healed, the patient should perform overwatch or otherwise observe for enemy contact. Both players should be crouching or prone.

The following pictures explain how to perform these actions and understand the UI.

Dragging a player
Go towards the shoulders, neck, or feet of a incapacitated players until you see a hand symbol appear (within 10 meters).
When you are close enough, the hand symbol turns into a prompt to hold F.
Hold F on the shoulders, neck, or feet of an incapacitated body while crouching. When dragging a body, your speed will be reduced and you will have to drop the body to fire your weapon.
Healing a wounded player
Medics see this icon over wounded teammates' bodies. The inner symbol shows the teammate needs healing, the outer circle indicates the teammate's current health level. As the medic heals his teammate, the circle fills up and the color fades from yellow to green.
The color indicates the teammate's health level—green is good, and red is bad. When full health is restored, this icon disappears.
While a medic is healing you, a health icon appears in the middle of your screen. The color indicates your current health level.
The green color appears when healing is completed. When the icon disappears, healing is finished. You are back to full health.
Bandaging a bleeding friendly
The medic sees an icon with a drop of blood on players that are either bleeding or incapacitated. The icon flashes between the drop symbol and the circle health bar that shows the current health level. The medic needs to bandage his teammate until the wounded symbol appears, then continue healing with the medical kit until full health is restored.
This is the circle health bar. Both the circle and the drop of blood symbol fade in and out.

Tips[ | ]

  • As of A15.4, a players incapacitated timer is affected by the damage taken upon going Incap. IE If a player is shot in the head they will have a reduced time that they can be revived. This timer persists, so a player that gets incapacitated multiple times will have a lower incap time. The time resets when a player spawns, and regenerates to Max when the player is alive.
  • A medic is 50% faster at applying a field dressing than other players.
  • All players can revive incapacitated players by applying a field dressing to them.
  • A short touch with First Aid Kit after revival makes moving to cover easier by restarting stamina regeneration.
  • Taking your time healing each teammate to full health instead of healing all at the same time will prove much more helpful.

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