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General information[]

The Handheld Drone is a small handheld drone operated by the Commander, ready to be "deployed at a moment's notice for surveillance or other nefarious needs."

It is very maneuverable so the drone can fit through tight spaces, however it is also limited by a maximum altitude, a 10-minute battery life, and a distinct audio cue of the propeller blades spinning.


A Sapper placing multiple IEDs onto a handheld drone.

Once deployed onto the map by the Commander, it can be used to fly around and mark enemy positions with a better overview of the fight.

IEDs can be placed on the drone, creating an extremely effective vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED.)


The drone is destroyed if: the battery dies, it crashes after colliding with an object, or it is shot-down by conventional methods (such as gunfire.)


If you are planning to place IEDs on the drone to create a VBIED, maximize reconnaissance potential with its 10-minute battery life before you detonate the explosives.