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The Grenadier is one of the Kits available in Squad. A Grenadier is usually armed with a standard rifle with an under-barrel grenade launcher (UGL) mounted on it.


The Grenadier's role is to provide indirect fire support with his UGL using either High-Explosive shells to engage enemy infantry behind light cover at a range of up to 400 meters, or smoke shells, providing a smokescreen to cover friendly forces as well as disorienting enemy.

Thanks to the V10 Update learning the arc at which the grenades fly from your UGL is no longer necessary, all one must do is use the games in game ranging system. It should also be noted the GP-25 UGL has Indirect fire settings to be used at 200m or 300m like a mortar.


  • The Grenadier is equipped with plenty of HE shells, so he can launch a volley of grenades.
  • A good grenadier is effective at a range of up to 300-400 meters.
  • A Squad Leader or teammate with a rangefinder could provide the grenadier with an exact distance to the target.
  • Use smoke grenades when needed to provide cover for teammates and obscure vision from enemy positions. Smoking entrenched enemy positions could cut them off from the battle. Fired rounds provide a column of smoke, good for covering doorways and upper windows.
  • 5 HE rounds are capable of destroying technicals
  • Grenadiers should focus on tightly packed groups of enemies to capture them by surprise and eliminate them in large numbers.


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