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Users Russian Ground Forces
Irregular Militia
Capacity One
Cartridge 40mm
Fire Mode Single Shot
The GP-25 is a single-shot, muzzle loaded grenade launcher designed for the AKM and AK-74 family of assault rifles. It was originally adopted by the Soviet Union in the 1970s and later has proliferated to former Soviet union and paramilitary forces. The weapon has a side-mounted sight system that allows you to range out to 500m, as well as allow the user to turn the weapon into a mortar by firing grenades at extremely high angles.
~ In-game description

The GP-25 is a grenade launcher featured in Squad.

General Description[]

The GP-25 is an under-barrel single-shot grenade launcher for the famous Kalashnikov rifle series. It is designed by the Sporting and Hunting Arms Central Design and Research Bureau (TsKIB SOO) of the Soviet Union and took 12 years for a finalized design (1966-1978). The GP-25 was later adopted by the Soviet Army in 1978 and saw first action in the Soviet-Afghan War in 1984. The GP-25 later was used by the Russian Ground Forces as the standard under-barrel grenade launcher in 1991 when the Soviet Army dissolved. The GP-25 is used by 10 countries (including Russia); mainly Eastern European and Asian.

The GP-25 fires a 40 mm explosive round which is highly effective against infantry targets. The GP-25 uses the World War II-era German High-Low system to keep recoil forces low without a recoilless weapon back blast.


  • GP-25 Fragmentation round's in-game stats are as follows:
    • Arming Distance: 10m
    • Explosion Radius: 15m
  • GP-25 has a Kalashnikov-like sight on the left of it, just like in real life, which makes it a tad harder to adjust for drop for newer players, although drop usually is insignificant and you should aim just at the top of where you want to hit.
  • The grenade launcher in Squad is intended for medium to long range use. If a player does attempt to fire the GP-25 within close proximity i.e. 10 m the round will not explode.
  • Grenade launchers have a similar blast radius to grenades, meaning anyone near the point of impact will die and those further away will be damaged, possibly causing them to bleed.
  • The GP-25 is used by the Insurgents, Irregular Militia, and the Russian Ground Forces. It is issued to the Grenadier class.



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