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For the other variants, see G3A3 and G3KA4.
Users Middle Eastern Alliance
Capacity 20-round detachable box magazine
Cartridge 7.62×51mm NATO
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic at 600 RPM
The G3A4 is the collapsible stock variant of the G3A3 battle rifle. While the stock does allow for a shorter overall profile, it makes the weapon less controllable when firing.
~ In-game description

The G3A4 is a battle rifle featured in Squad.

General Information[]


The G3A4 is exclusive to the Squad Leader role of the Middle Eastern Alliance faction. It appears in three different variants:

  • G3A4 + Tracer
Default variant featuring iron sights, ranging 100-400m. Equipped with 7 mags of tracer ammo.
  • G3A4 + Z-Point + Tracer
Alternative variant featuring the non-magnifying red dot sight zeroed at 100m. Equipped with 7 mags of tracer ammo.
  • G3A3 + ZF1 + Tracer
Limited variant featuring the telescopic sight with a fixed magnification of 4x and range adjustable from 100m to 600m. Equipped with 6 mags of tracer ammo.


  • The G in G3A4 stands for Gewehr which is German for "rifle". The A in G3A4 stands for Ausführung which is German for "version". The literal meaning of G3A4 in English is "Rifle 3 Version 4".

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