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An Irregular Militia forward operating base (F.O.B.).

The Forward Operating Base (or "FOB") is the area around a radio that enables a team to place spawn bunkers, resupplies, defensive structures, weapon emplacements, and other deployables that can only be placed within the range of a FOB. FOBs allow players to physically reinforce a position and establish a presence on the battlefield.

Placing a FOB[]

Any friendly Squad Leader (or "SL") can place a FOB, but they cannot do it alone; the SL needs one additional team member and a logistics vehicle within 30m to place a FOB. New FOBs must be at least 300 meters from other friendly FOBs and 150 meters from main.

When placing a FOB, if one or more criteria are not met, the FOB placement appears red. If the SL attempts to place a red FOB, an error message appears, indicating which criteria are not met.

Tip: Any team member from any squad can assist the SL in placing a FOB. Use local voice or team-text chat to call over nearby team members.

Supplying a FOB[]

After placing a FOB, it starts with 0 Construction Points (or "CP") and 0 Ammo Points (or "AP").[1] A FOB must be supplied by a vehicle—either by transporting supplies from main or transferring supplies from another FOB—and can hold a total of 20,000 supplies of each type (20,000 CP + 20,000 AP).[2] Load and unload supplies from a vehicle using the radial vehicle interaction menu. Tip: Multiple players can load or unload the vehicle faster than if it were just one player.

For more information on how to supply FOBs, transfer supplies between FOBs, and load and unload supplies from vehicles, see Logistic System.

Spawning at a FOB[]

FOBs gain an active spawn point after a spawn bunker is built (aka a "HAB" for US, British, or Russians; or a "Hideout" for Militia or Insurgents). The respawn timer on a FOB is typically shorter than on a rally point.

Taking Down a FOB[]

Take down a FOB by de-shoveling the radio—walk up to the radio, take out the entrenching tool, and hold right-click.

If a radio is removed by any other means than a friendly entrenching tool it is considered a combat loss and will cost tickets.

As of version 21.1, upon the FOB being initially destroyed by an enemy player - either by de-shoveling or otherwise - a 60 second bleed-out timer starts where the FOB is invulnerable. If a friendly teammate doesn't rebuild the FOB during this time, the FOB is lost.

Losing a FOB costs 10 tickets.

FOBRED.png An "inactive" FOB—the spawn bunker is either disabled or not built yet.
FOBBLU.png An "active" FOB with a spawn bunker next to it—the whole team can spawn here.
FOBBLUSELEC.png After you select a spawn bunker, you see a white square around it the same way you do with a selected rally point.


  • In versions prior to Alpha V9, the FOB radio acted as the spawn point which was initially inactive for spawning until a time period passed or the FOB was resupplied. No CPs were consumed to activate the FOB.
  • Since v10 supplies can now be transferred between FOBs with logistics vehicles.[1]

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