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The field dressing (bandage) is used when you or your teammate is bleeding or incapacitated. Every kit has two field dressings, except the Medic, which has nine.

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Applying a field dressing to a bleeding teammate stops the bleeding; applying the field dressing to an incapacitated teammate revives him back to low health. In both cases, a medic with a medic bag needs to bring the teammate back to full health.

How to Apply a Field Dressing[]

To apply a field dressing to your teammate:

  1. Select the field dressing from the equipment menu.
  2. Walk up to your bleeding or incapacitated teammate.
  3. Aim at your teammate.
  4. Click and hold LMB.

To apply a field dressing to yourself:

  1. Select the field dressing from the equipment menu.
  2. Click and hold RMB.

If you run out of field dressings, you can resupply at an ammo crate near a FOB at a cost of 5 ammo points per field dressing.

The bandaging animation goes as follows:

  1. The player who is doing the bandaging touches the bleeding or incapacitated player several times.
  2. He rips open the sterile bag and rolls out the bandage to full size.
  3. He applies the bandage to his teammate.
  4. After several seconds of holding the bandage against his teammate's body, his teammate springs back to life at low health.

The bandaging animation as applied to yourself is somewhat shorter.

  1. You rip open the sterile bag and roll it out.
  2. You quickly wrap the bandage around your forearm.
  3. Your bleeding stops when you put your arm back down.

Medics go through the bandaging animations much faster than other kits, reflecting their medical expertise.

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Game Updates[]

Version Notes
13.0 Field dressing loadout increased to 9 for the Medic kit