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This is a list of all playable factions available in Squad. Most factions in-game are based on real-world armed forces; while a select few are either an amalgamation (such as Middle Eastern Alliance) or a generic representation of real-world para-military groups (such as Insurgents and Irregular Militia).

Playable factions determine the available Weapons and Vehicles to that team in a game of Squad. Some factions also determine the types of Maps they deploy on; e.g., Middle Eastern Alliance and Insurgents are most commonly seen on Middle Eastern and South Asian maps.

BLUFOR Factions

Consisting of NATO members and Western-aligned countries, conventional BLUFOR factions are high-tech militaries outfitted with modern equipment of western design.


Australian Defence Force DLC
AUS Rifleman Flag
British Armed Forces
GB Rifleman Flag
Canadian Army DLC*
CAF Rifleman Flag
United States Army
US Rifleman Flag
United States Marine Corps
USMC Rifleman Flag

PAC Factions

Consisting of significant military, geopolitical, and technological rivals to the Western-aligned countries in the Pacific regions.


People’s Liberation Army
PLA Amphibious Ground Force
PLAAGF Rifleman Flag
PLA Navy Marine Corps
PLANMC Rifleman Flag

REDFOR Factions

Consisting of significant and direct threats to the Western-aligned countries. They use Soviet and Russian weapon platforms.


Russian Airborne Forces
VDV Rifleman Flag
Russian Ground Forces
RUS Rifleman Flag


Non-aligned armed forces that can engage both BLUEFOR and REDFOR.


Middle Eastern Alliance
MEA Rifleman Flag
Turkish Land Forces
TLFTeamImage desert


INS Rifleman Flag
Irregular Militia Forces
MIL Rifleman Flag


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