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This is a list of all playable factions available in Squad. Most factions in-game are based on real world armed forces; while a select few are either an amalgamation (such as Middle Eastern Alliance and PanAsia) or a generic representation of real world para-military groups (such as Insurgents and Irregular Militia).

Playable factions determine the available Weapons and Vehicles to that team in a game of Squad. Some factions also determine the types of Maps they deploy on; e.g., Middle Eastern Alliance and Insurgents are most commonly seen on Middle Eastern and South Asian maps.

BLUFOR Factions


Consisting of NATO member countries, conventional BLUFOR factions are high-tech militaries outfitted with modern equipment of western design.

British Army
Canadian Army DLC
United States Army

REDFOR Factions


Russian Ground Forces



Middle Eastern Alliance


Irregular Militia

Upcoming Official Factions

frameless Australian Army DLC

Flag of China.png PanAsia (placeholder name)

USArmy Flag.PNG United States Marine Corps

Upcoming Workshop (Mod) Factions

Flag of France.PNG French Foreign Legion Mod

Flag of Germany.PNG Bundeswehr Mod

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