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FN Minimi
Users British Army (L110A2 Minimi)
Canadian Army (C9A2)
US Army (M249 PIP)
Irregular Militia (Minimi)
Capacity 100 or 200-round belt contained in a 100-round or 200-round soft pouch
Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO Red Tracer
Fire Mode Fully Automatic at 850 RPM
The L110A1 is the British variant of the Belgian made Minimi light machine gun, adopted in the mid 1980s as a belt-fed section automatic weapon. It is an open-bolt gas-operated machine gun, with an integrated folding bipod plus a rail running on top cover. The SUSAT 4x optic can be mounted on the top. The British variant uses the skeletal Para-style stock, and a more compact 100-round cloth bag to store ammunition in.
~ In-game description

The FN Minimi is a light machine gun featured in Squad. It is available to multiple factions and features different sights and characteristics.

General Information[]

The FN Minimi is a Belgian 5.56mm light machine gun. First introduced in the late 1970s, it is now in service in more than 75 countries. It can be belt fed or fired from a magazine.


The FN Minimi is available to four factions and features different sights depending on faction and role type:

Role Faction Type Variant Barrel Sight Magazine Added in
Automatic Rifleman USArmy Flag.PNG US Army Direct Combat M249 PIP + M68 Short Non-magnifying red dot sight 100 rounds
Fire Support M249 PIP + M145 Short Telescopic sight, fixed 3.4× 100 rounds Alpha 10.0[1]
GB flag.jpg British Army Direct Combat L110A2 Minimi Short Iron sights, ranging 200-600m 100 rounds Alpha 11.0[2]
Fire Support L110A2 Minimi + SUSAT Short Telescopic sight, fixed 4× 100 rounds Alpha 11.0[2]
Flag of Canada.png Canadian Army Direct Combat C9A2 Long Iron sights, ranging 200-1200m 200 rounds Beta 20
Fire Support C9A2 + C79A2 Long Telescopic sight, fixed 3.4× 200 rounds Alpha 15.3[3]
IM Flag.PNG Irregular Militia Fire Support Minimi Long Iron sights, ranging 200-1200m 200 rounds Alpha 8.0[4]
  • Every 4th round is a tracer round.
  • All variants of the weapon have a deployable bipod.
  • The Irregular Militia's Minimi and Canadian Army's C9A2 has a longer barrel than the US Army's M249 PIP and the British Army's L110A2 Minimi making it more accurate at longer ranges,[4] but more difficult to use in urban terrain and close quarters since Alpha 10 update introduced the "weapon length" mechanic.[1] They also use 200 round box magazines instead of 100 round pouch magazines. The total ammo carried is still 600 rounds total; three 200 round pouches for the Minimi and C9A2, and six 100 round pouches for the M249 PIP and L110A2 Minimi.


(Figure 1) Average impacts from 50, 100 and 200 Meters

  • Firing the weapon with the bipod deployed is always preferred, as it creates an extremely stable and accurate fire support platform. If the bipod cannot be used, firing the weapon from the prone position is the next best choice.
  • Firing in short bursts will increase the overall accuracy. It will also conserve the ammunition.
  • Like every other machine gun, it has a long reload time.

Additional Information[]

  • The bullet drop mirrors the characteristics of the RPK-74M (see figure 1).
  • It will not hurt hostile armored vehicles, but it can be used effectively against Technicals, Transports, or Logistics Trucks to kill or wound the occupants. It will also destroy Motorcycles.



L110A2 Minimi

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