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Emotes are animations that players can use in addition to VOIP communications. Emotes are divided into two categories: Emotes (only usable in mainbase) and Gestures (usable anywhere). To access the emotes radial menu, press and hold the X key during the game session.

Emote Types[ | ]

Emotes are divided into two categories:

Emotes are full-body animations, when players use them, a 3rd person view of the player character will appear. Doing actions such as moving, aiming down sight, jumping, crouching or going prone, switching gear, etc, will interrupt the emote. Emotes can only be used in the Main Base or anywhere during the staging phase o avoid the 3rd person's view impacting gameplay.

Gestures are an upper body hand sign animation that players can trigger at any location, any time. Unlike Emotes, it only involves movement of the hands and arms. Gestures will show up in 1st person only, without obstructing your movement or triggering the third-person camera. Common actions such as moving and changing stances will not interrupt the Gestures. However, aiming down sight, jumping, going prone, firing your weapon, switching gear, and any action that involves hand movements will stop the Gestures.

Usage[ | ]

Customization[ | ]

Blog Customization-Menu-768x432

Customization Menu

Emotes can be purchased via the Steam store page. Acquired Emotes can be equipped on the Customize tab, which can be accessed from the Main menu. In the Customize tab, players can select which emote to equip by simply clicking on it. The menu will display a preview of the emote, and a checkmark on the emote will also inform you of which one you currently have equipped.

Use[ | ]

Blog Emote-Wheel-768x432

Emote wheel

In-game, players can use the Emotes and Gestures via the Emote wheel, similar to the Squad Leader interactive radial menu. The default keybind to activate emotes is X and can be changed in Settings. Note the default keybinding only works while unscoped as the X is used for zeroing when aiming down the sight. Hold the Emote key to open the emote wheel and click on an emote of your choice to activate it.

List of Emotes[ | ]

Picture Name Type Description Notes Added In
Blog EmoteWaveHello
Wave Hello Emote Sup, bud. Version 4.2
Blog EmotePointForward
Point Forward Gesture Contact, in that red barn! Version 4.2
Blog EmoteMoveOut
Move Out Gesture Go, go, go! Version 4.2
Blog Salute-768x768
Salute Emote Show some respect. Recruit Pack
Blog Shrug-768x768
Shrug Emote If you don't know, ask your Squad Leader.
Blog Come-Here-768x768
Come Here Gesture Hustle up, let's go!
Blog Thumbs-Up-768x768
Thumbs Up Gesture And smash that bell icon!
Blog Slow-Clap-768x768
Slow Clap Emote You magnificent bastard! Grunt Pack
Blog Horns-768x768
Horns Gesture Hell Yeah!
Blog Finger-Snap-768x768
Finger Snap Gesture Just like that. Audible for all players
Blog Fist-and-Palm-768x768
Fist and Palm Gesture 恭喜恭喜! PLA and PLANMC only
Blog High-Ready-768x768
High Ready Gesture Keep it tacticool. ARs, SMGs, DMRs, LMGs only
Blog Face-Palm-768x768
Facepalm Emote Oof. R&R Pack
Blog Finger-Wag-768x768
Finger Wag Gesture Ah ah ah, you didn't say the magic word.
Blog Applause-768x768
Applause Gesture That was beautiful. Audible for all players
Blog Shh-768x768
Shh Gesture Squad 6, going dark.
Blog Hang-Loose-768x768
Hang Loose Gesture Shaka, brah.
Blog jumpjack
Star Jump / Jumping Jacks Emote My body is ready. Free PT Pack
Blog pushup
Pushups Emote Drop and give me 20!
Blog peace
Peace / Victory Gesture We will prevail! Attitude Pack
Blog eyeonyou
Eyes on You Gesture I am watching.
Blog pinched
Pinched Fingers Gesture What do you want?!
Weapon Inspection Gesture We will prevail! Version 7.0
Blog standoffpack1
Finger Guns Emote Bang!Bang! Stand Off Pack
Blog standoffpack2
Can't See Me Gesture It's suppression time.
Blog standoffpack3
Stop Gesture Hold on a second. Audible for all players
Blog standoffpack4
Fist Pump Gesture We did it!
Blog standoffpack5
Cut Throat Gesture Don't mess with me.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Emote was added in Version 4.2 by Offworld Industries to explore monetization options.[1]

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