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Debug Commands

General Information

This article contains a list of debug commands that can be used on local servers.

List of Commands

List of Debug Commands
Command Parameter Description
DebugVehicleFullHealth none Fully heal currently occupied vehicle and components
DebugToggleVehicleGodMode <0:1> Toggles invincibility for all vehicles
DebugToggleShowVehicleDamageReceived <0:1> Toggle showing damage received by vehicles
DebugToggleShowRebase <0:1> Toggle showing world origin location for every time a rebase occurs
DebugToggleShowHitreg <0:1> Toggle showing hit registration
DebugTogglePostRecovery <0:1> Toggle post recovery
DebugToggleOriginRebaseTest <0:1> Forcing an origin rebase every second
DebugToggleNoStaminaDrain <0:1> Enables no stammina drain
DebugToggleInfiniteMags <0:1> Toggles infinite mags for all weapons
DebugToggleGodMode <0:1> Enables invincibility
DebugToggleForceNoCommanderCooldowns <0:1> Disables Command Asset cooldowns
DebugToggleForceAllowCOmmanderActions <0:1> Toggle whether Commander Actions have their location limitation on or off
DebugToggleEditorBlastCones <0:1> Enables Blastcones in editor
DebugToggleCenterDot <0:1> Displays a dot in the center of the screen
DebugStopBleeding none Stop player from bleeding
DebugSkipStaging none Sets Stagingtimer to three seconds
DebugSetServerTickrate <int:tps> Sets TPS to target value
DebugSetServerSecondsNonSeamlessForced <int:seconds> Time before the server is forced to do a non seamless travel
DebugSetHealth <int> sets playe health to target value
DebugServerExec <Command> Allows for running a command on the server
DebugRevive none Revives the player
DebugRemoveSteamTestitem <id><ammount> removes a testitem from the steam inventory (Only for Devs)
DebugRearm none Rearms all weapons
DebugRagdoll none Enter Ragdoll state
DebugFullHealth none Restores full player health
DebugForceOrigingRebase none Forces a rebase of origin to the player location
DebugEndMatch none instantly skips to next map
DebugDisableVoteRequirements none Disables requirements for map voting
DebugBugItGo <x><y><z><pitch><yaw><roll> squad equivalent of the unreal engine command

DebugBecomeCommander none Makes you commander
DebugAssignSteamTestItem <id><ammount> Grants testitem to the steaminventory (only for Devs)
DebugAddBuildSupply <int:ammount> Adds building supplies to the nearest FOB
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