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Debug Commands[ | ]

General Information[ | ]

This article contains a list of debug commands that can be used on local servers.

List of Commands[ | ]

List of Debug Commands
Command Parameter Description
DebugVehicleFullHealth none Fully heal currently occupied vehicle and components
DebugToggleVehicleGodMode <0:1> Toggles invincibility for all vehicles
DebugToggleShowVehicleDamageReceived <0:1> Toggle showing damage received by vehicles
DebugToggleShowRebase <0:1> Toggle showing world origin location for every time a rebase occurs
DebugToggleShowHitreg <0:1> Toggle showing hit registration
DebugTogglePostRecovery <0:1> Toggle post recovery
DebugToggleOriginRebaseTest <0:1> Forcing an origin rebase every second
DebugToggleNoStaminaDrain <0:1> Enables no stammina drain
DebugToggleInfiniteMags <0:1> Toggles infinite mags for all weapons
DebugToggleGodMode <0:1> Enables invincibility
DebugToggleForceNoCommanderCooldowns <0:1> Disables Command Asset cooldowns
DebugToggleForceAllowCOmmanderActions <0:1> Toggle whether Commander Actions have their location limitation on or off
DebugToggleEditorBlastCones <0:1> Enables Blastcones in editor
DebugToggleCenterDot <0:1> Displays a dot in the center of the screen
DebugStopBleeding none Stop player from bleeding
DebugSkipStaging none Sets Stagingtimer to three seconds
DebugSetServerTickrate <int:tps> Sets TPS to target value
DebugSetServerSecondsNonSeamlessForced <int:seconds> Time before the server is forced to do a non seamless travel
DebugSetHealth <int> sets playe health to target value
DebugServerExec <Command> Allows for running a command on the server
DebugRevive none Revives the player
DebugRemoveSteamTestitem <id><ammount> removes a testitem from the steam inventory (Only for Devs)
DebugRearm none Rearms all weapons
DebugRagdoll none Enter Ragdoll state
DebugFullHealth none Restores full player health
DebugForceOrigingRebase none Forces a rebase of origin to the player location
DebugEndMatch none instantly skips to next map
DebugDisableVoteRequirements none Disables requirements for map voting
DebugBugItGo <x><y><z><pitch><yaw><roll> squad equivalent of the unreal engine command

DebugBecomeCommander none Makes you commander
DebugAssignSteamTestItem <id><ammount> Grants testitem to the steaminventory (only for Devs)
DebugAddBuildSupply <int:ammount> Adds building supplies to the nearest FOB

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