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The following is a list of Controls in the game Squad.

List of Keyboard Controls[]

  • 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+0: Weapon hotkeys.
  • Tab : Scoreboard.
Quick start guide
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  • Q: Lean Left. In vehicles, it switches between the zoom levels of the main gun.
  • W: Up
  • E: Lean right.
  • F: Use; enter/leave vehicle
  • R: Reload.
  • T: Menu.
  • A: Left.
  • S: Down.
  • D: Right.
  • G: Command.
  • J: Chat all
  • K: Chat team
  • L: Chat squad
  • Enter: Spawn screen.
  • Shift: Sprint; focus aim.
  • Z: Prone.
  • V: Local voice.
  • B: Squad channel.
  • N: Map zoom.
  • M: Map.
  • Ctrl: Crouch (Hold)
  • Caps Lock: Walk (Hold)
  • Space: Jump
  • KEYPAD 1-9 allows Squad Leaders to direct chat with 1 other Squad Lead at a time.

List of mouse controls[]

  • Left: Fire/overhand throw
  • Middle: Fire selector
  • Right: Aim down sights/underhand throw.