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Communication is one of the key gameplay elements in the game Squad. Using a microphone is crucial to the gameplay of Squad. Winning is only possible through the use of fast and efficient radio communication. The game's HUD intentionally displays hardly any information. It is crucial that you rely on your teammates and communication to find your way in the game.

Voice Communication[ | ]

The following types of voice communication exist in Squad:

Channels:[ | ]

Radio icons
  • Commander channel (Channel color gold - G ) - Only Squad Leaders have access to this channel. It is used by holding down the G key. This voice channel is used to by Squad Leaders and the Commander to relay information and coordinate actions.
  • Squad channel (Channel color green - B) - Only available to members of a squad, and only fellow squad mates can hear what is said on this voice channel. It is used by holding down the B key. This voice channel is used to relay information to your squad mates and Squad Leader regardless of where you are on the map. The color is green when used by the Squad Leader and all other members, purple when used by Fireteam Bravo members, and cyan when used by Fireteam Charlie members.
  • Local channel (Channel color light blue - V ) - Team mates within close proximity can hear what is said in local channel. The further away you are from the person talking, the quieter it gets. The Voice fall off will start around 50 meters away from the source. The local voice channel is used by holding down the V key. Nearby enemies will not be able to hear local voice chat.
Voice indicator

The voice indicator tells you who is currently speaking by showing a speaker icon with their name next to it, the color indicates on which channel they're speaking.

On public servers, make sure to use these built-in communication channels instead of other third party tools, so all members in the team can benefit from your communication.

The included in-game voice communication system is based on Mumble.

As a squad leader, you can use the numpad to communicate directly to other squad leaders instead of every squad leader at once. Use the numpad number corresponding to the squad number of the Squad Leader you would like to communicate with directly.

For example, To communicate directly with Squad Leader 6, press and hold the 6 key on your numpad. Ensure the the 'numlock' on your numpad is correct, as this is a common issue.

Direct chat is crucial for maintaining clear communications as other Squad Leaders are trying to coordinate their squads as well. It pays to be as quiet as you can on command net while still relaying the maximal amount of information.

Text Chat[ | ]

Beside voice communication you can also communicate via in-game text chat. The following chat channels exist:

  • Squad chat (L): The text can only be seen by your squad mates. This is seldom used, normally only by players without a microphone. But you can also use it give important information to your squad mates. You can also use this when everybody is in a firefight and wouldn't hear you over the radio or when there is already too much talking going on over radio.
  • Team chat (K): The text can only be seen by your team. This is used for important information concerning the entire team, e.g. the location of an enemy FOB, groups of enemy infantry, or vehicles.
  • All players chat (J): The text can be seen by all players. This is used to communicate with all players on the game server, commonly used to get the attention of admins/moderators in the server. This is the only in-game means of communication to the opposite team.
  • Administrator broadcast: In-game text chat written by server administrators/moderators to all players. This will appear on the top of the screen centered and be titled "BROADCAST".

After typing your chat text, hit Enter to send it. To cancel your chat text, press Esc twice.

The color of the text chat indicates by which player the text was written. Squad members' text appears in green, team members in blue, opposite team members in red.

The chat text also shows to whom it was send, i.e. [SQUAD], [TEAM], or [ALL].

The chat format is as follows: [to whom] by whom: text

Emote[ | ]

Main article: Emote

Emotes are animations that players can use, in addition to VOIP communications, to interact with each other, celebrate in-game situations, or brighten up downtime.

Jargon[ | ]

Squad, as many other games, has its own jargon that those new to the game will grow accustomed to using. This is a subjective section, but may be helpful to those learning.

  • Blueberry = Team member who is not in your squad, the term stems from their blue color on the map.
  • FTL = Fireteam lead, usually someone asking for "FTL" to mark something.
  • "On Observe" or "On Marker" = Usually said by a squad leader, they've pointed out something and have marked it with a point on your map.
  • Seed = the act of populating a server, usually occurs at the start of the day.
  • Bag or Rifleman's Bag = The rifleman kit's ammo bag, another player might ask you for "your bag" as in your ammo bag.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Fireteams were added with V12
    • Each team got their own color for easier identification
  • The chat can also be used as a console if you erase all the text before starting to type in the commands.

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