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As a new player you are bound to fall into common traps and make certain mistakes. It's just part of the natural learning process. However, if you are aware of these mistakes, you can avoid them and fasttrack to become a better player. The following common mistakes are listed by frequency and severity. Try not to be "that guy".

  1. Doesn't have a mic or never uses it.
  2. When incapacitated, immediately hits "give up" and never waits/calls for a medic to revive him.
  3. Ignores orders from the Squad Leader.
  4. Only joins a squad to get a marksman rifle (or some other kit) and lone wolfs for the rest of the match.
  5. Joins a squad and immediately spawns somewhere on the map.
  6. Claims a vehicle just to drive it off by himself.
  7. Drives vehicle somewhere and leaves it behind in the wilderness.
  8. Shoots friendlies, accidentally or deliberately.
  9. Talks endlessly on the radio about negligible or irrelevant details.
  10. Seldomly or never looks at the map.
  11. After purchasing and downloading Squad, immediately joins a multiplayer match.
  12. Never practised with grenades on the Firing Range and throws his very first grenade in a multiplayer match and kills himself and half of his own squad.
  13. Runs blindly into an enemy's position, gets shot, doesn't know where the shot came from and complains about how bad this game is.
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