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The Combat Engineer is a Specialist role added to Squad in the 13 update. This role is available to the US Army, British Army, and Russian Ground Forces. The Irregular Militia and Insurgents counterpart is the Sapper, which has largely replaced the role of the Scout.


According to the Alpha 13 Patch Notes, the focus of the Combat Engineer is "demolitions, sabotage, and construction." The Combat Engineer is a unique kit and fulfills many roles. It has additional equipment, explosives, and can build as well as destroy deployable objects with the Entrenching tool faster than other infantry roles. Similar to the Heavy Anti-Tank, two Combat Engineer kits are available to each team. The first kit is available when a team reaches 15 players, the second kit at 20 players. A squad can claim the Combat Engineer kits once it has 3 players on the squad.

Each factions' Combat Engineer kit is equipped with a timed demolition charge. Once a demolition charge is placed, a thirty-second timer begins to count-down, at which point it will explode. A demolition charge can be disarmed by an Entrenching tool before it detonates. Demolition charges are particularly effective against static emplacements, deployables, and tech structures like Spawn Bunkers and Radio Hubs. Demolition charges can damage vehicles, particularly wheels or tracks, and are able to destroy vehicle wrecks. Demolition charges are the only explosive charge capable of destroying enemy caches on the Destruction game mode.

In addition to demolition charges, Combat Engineer kits come with a single M15 Anti-Tank Mine. Mines, once exclusive to the unconventional factions, are now available to the conventional forces. Combat Engineer kits also come with a Repair toolbox to repair damaged vehicles. See each faction's respective Wiki page for a detailed load-out of each kit.


  • Allowing different squads to claim one of the two Combat Engineer kits will allow the team to more effectively destroy enemy caches by spreading out the role. If one squad claims both kits, the two Combat Engineers will likely attack the same cache point and possibly slow down the team.
  • A demolition charge will deal damage equal to 75% of a Radio Hub's health requiring you to destroy the remaining 25% with an Entrenching tool. One can gauge 25% of the radios health by digging until the model changes (16 strikes of your shovel) then placing your demolition charge to completely destroy it.
  • Demolition charges have a 5m explosive radius that does not check for collision, allowing you to attack radios or habs through fortifications, walls, and buildings.
  • While demolition charges do damage all vehicles, the health damage is minimal making it better used solely for component damage. One should almost always aim for a mobility kill by damaging enemy tracks. Exceptions to this are unarmored vehicles and helicopters which will explode from a single charge.
  • Demolition charges and mines do not stack in explosive strength as your demolition charge will disable your mine and cause it to be wasted.

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