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Colt Canada C7A2.jpg
Users Canadian Army
Capacity 30-round detachable box magazine
Cartridge 5.56×45mm NATO
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic at 850 RPM
The C7 series of firearms is driven by the same direct impingement gas system as the M16 series. The C7 has both semi-automatic and fully automatic fire modes. The C7 also features the structural strengthening, improved handguards, and longer stock developed for the M16A2. One major difference is Diemaco's use of hammer-forged barrels, introduced as the Canadians originally wished to use a heavy barrel profile instead of the M16A2 profile. With Canadian involvement in Afghanistan, Diemaco and the Canadian Forces developed improvements to the C7A1 to better suit the operational situations at hand. The result, the C7A2, has a four-point telescoping stock unit similar to that of the C8 carbine and a three-rail TRI-AD I mount on the front single triangle. The selector lever, magazine release, and charging handle latch is ambidextrous. Also, the C7A2 is issued with green colour furniture as standard. These weapons are often seen with a similar plethora of accessories as their American counterparts given the overall commonalities of the system and the rail mounts. The C7A2 is also issued with the C79A2 ELCAN optical gunsight with 3.4× magnification but with a uniform green rubber armored coating, but some soldiers who are issued it have either been issued or have purchased sights like the EOTech holographic weapons sight.
~ In-game description

The C7A2 is an assault rifle featured in Squad. It was introduced in the Alpha 15.3 update with the Canadian Army.[1]

General Information[]

The C7 is a Canadian assault rifle, a variant of the AR-15, and having similar design and function to the M16A3. The C7 and its variants have been adopted as the standard issue rifle by the militaries of Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands. In Canadian service, all C7A1 and -A2 rifles come equipped with a C79 and C79A2 sights as standard.


  • The C7A2 is available to the Canadian Army in several variants:
    • C7A2 with iron sights - the most basic variant, given to Medics (kit #1) and Recruits. Can be ranged from 0 to (x) meters.
    • C7A2 with iron sights + Foregrip - equipped with a foregrip for increased controllability, given to Riflemen (kit #1). Can be ranged from 0 to (x) meters.
    • C7A2 + C79A2 - equipped with the C79A2 ELCAN scope with 3.4x magnification for longer ranged engagements, given to Medics (kit #2), Riflemen (kit #3), Light Anti-Tank roles (kit #2), and Combat Engineers.
    • C7A2 + ET522 - equipped with a non-magnifying holographic sight which cannot be ranged, given to Riflemen (kit #2).
    • C7A2 + M203A1 + C79A2 - a variant unique to the Canadian Grenadier with an underslung M203A1 grenade launcher. It replaced the C8A3 + M203A1 + ET552 which was the kit role's former primary.
  • As of B20, iron sight variant was added and the C79A2 ELCAN scope can now be adjusted to fit different ranges. By default, it's ranged for 200 meters and can be ranged up to 800 meters. This makes the Canadian Army the only faction in the game with adjustable rifle scopes aside from their sniper rifle. The iron sights can also be ranged, starting from 0 meters to (x) meters.
  • The C7A2 magazine holds 30 + 1 rounds.
  • Can be fired on automatic or semi-automatic.
  • Prior to B20, the C7 alongside the C8 were the most controllable infantry weapons in the game, giving Canadian infantry an immense advantage in firefights.
  • It shares the same firing sound as the C8A3.


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