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Binoculars (or binos) are an optical device used by all factions in Squad as part of the Squad Leader, Scout and Marksman kits.

The binoculars themselves apply a magnification to the entire screen along with a reticle and stadiametric rangefinder. The rangefinder shows how tall a standing player (1.7 meters) is at those respective ranges in hundred-meters, allowing a player to judge distances. It can also be used less reliably to judge the distance of armored vehicles, by aligning the lines at the ground and the top of the vehicle without the turret.

The reticles differ by faction:

  • The US reticle show a grid marking in unit of mils. The mil is a measure of angular size or how large an object appears, and can also be used to estimate distance. A similar Mil-dot system is found on some sights.
  • The Russian and Soviet reticles show a grid in unit of minute-of-arc (MOA, arcminutes). MOA is also a measure of angular size.

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