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The Automatic Rifleman is one of the kits available in Squad. Each faction has their own version, equipped with a standard weapon common to its army.


The Automatic Rifleman carries great responsibility, providing cover fire for their squad while on the move or during an engagement. Their primary weapon has the largest magazine capacity of anyone in their squad, and they are often called upon to use this to their squad's advantage. It is considered one of the most important and influential roles on the battlefield. Anyone who occupies it should always work in tandem with their Squad Leader for maximum effectiveness.

Depending on the faction, a variety of Automatic Rifleman classes are available. It is equipped with a shovel, one hand-grenade, smoke grenades, and two field dressings. Resupply costs 50 ammo points.


  • Automatic Riflemen should look for an effective firing position where they can cover a specific angle, or large open area.
  • Communicate with your Automatic Rifleman often and clearly, give him enemy positions to fire at for maximum effectiveness.
  • Suppressive fire should be used in combat at all times.
  • Automatic Riflemen are provided with large magazines, there is plenty ammunition to use during combat, but use it wisely.


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