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Ammo Crates are emplacements that can be placed by the squad leader within the 150 meter build vicinity of a Forward Operating Base. They can also be found in each team's Main Base. Ammo Crates allow players to rearm their equipment individually or all-at-once, or switch kits. With the introduction of persistent ammo, infantrymen now need to resupply their spent ammo after dying, meaning Ammo Crates are even more important to a team's success. Ammo Crates cost 100 construction points to place and then need to be constructed by fellow team members with the Entrenching tool. When a player rearms or changes kits at an Ammo Crate, this action will draw ammo points from the Forward Operating Base it was constructed on. There is no limit to how many Ammo Crates can be placed at a single Forward Operating Base.

In general, Ammo Crates are constructed near a Spawn Bunker so players can quickly resupply after spawning. Ammo Crates placed near the parameter of the 150 meter Forward Operating Base build radius or near the front line will allow infantrymen to resupply more readily. Resupplying a Forward Operating Base with ammo points to allow players to rearm with Ammo Crates should be a priority for the team. See Logistic System for more information. Without the ability to rearm their equipment, players will find themselves out-gunned by the other team and lacking vital equipment. Ammo Crates can be destroyed by digging them down (right-click with the Entrenching tool) or when damaged by explosive munitions.

Rearm Menu[]

To use an Ammo Crate, move near it then press the interact key (F by default) to open the radial menu. Right click to exit the menu or left click the back arrow.

The top right option (three bullets/clip) opens up the rearm menu.

AmmoCrate Main Menu.jpg

Once this window is open, all items can be reloaded with a single click (if the ammo points are available) or individually (granularly). Left-click to add an item to rearm, then click on the center button to rearm just what you have selected. To rearm all your equipment, click the center button without selecting individual. See below for specific rearm costs for every piece of equipment in-game.

AmmoCrate Rearm Menu.jpg

Changing Kits[]

Besides rearming, the ammo crate also allows players to switch kits. The other icons correspond to the four role types; Command and Support, Direct Combat, Fire Support, and Specialist. To change kits, select the role type the respective kit falls under, then select which kit you would like to switch to. Note that you can only switch to kits that are available and if the ammo points required to change kits are available. See Kit Role Selection for details on kit restrictions. The cost to switch kits is the total sum of all the ammo points it would cost to fully resupply that kit. For instance, the cost to switch to the Insurgents secondary Light Anti-Tank kit (with Skorpion) is 212 ammo points. This is the same cost of resupplying this kit if it had no ammo.

Rearm Costs[]

Resupplying at an ammo crate will cost Ammo Points as of alpha 13:

Type Weapon Ammo Costs x mAg Magazin type
Bandages All 5
Pistols All 1
Submachine Guns VZ61 2
Assault Rifles All 2
Marksman Rifles M110 10
L86 10
SVD(M) 10
Machine Guns L110A2 11
L7A2 15
M240 11
M249 15
Minimi 25
PKM 15
PKP 15
Grenade Launchers All 10 GL HE / Smoke
Grenades Fragmentation 10
Smoke 10
RGD 25
AT & Explosives M72 40
AT4 80
RPG26 40
RPG29 80
RPG7(V2) 30 Fragmentation
RPG7(V2) 40 HEAT
RPG7(V2) 80 Tandem
IED 100
Demo Charge 50
Mine 50
Emplacements (Soldier) Decoy Rock 1
Field Dressing 5
Infantry Sand Bag 25
Infantry Razor Wire 25
Ammo Bag 100

Ammo Crates design[]

US Army British Army Russian Forces
AmmoCrate US.png AmmoCrate GB.png AmmoCrate RUS.png
Militia Insurgents Middle eastern alliance
AmmoCrate MIL.png AmmoCrate INS.png AmmoCrate MEA.png

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