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AT-4 live-fire.jpg
Weapon class Anti-tank weapon
Users British Army
United States Army
Warhead 84mm HEAT
84mm HP
Guidance Unguided
Explosion radius 7.5m
Penetration capability 420mm to 600mm RHA
The AT-4 CS is a Swedish unguided anti-tank rocket launcher designed in the late 1980s, designed with the intent of destroying light to medium armor from any direction, and capable of standing up to heavy main battle tanks from the sides or rear. The British Army adopted it as an interim solution as they moved away from the LAW-80, designating it the ILAW. This variant has a high penetration warhead, able to penetrate more armor compared to the American M136. The Confined Space (CS) version uses a water-based countermass, to slightly dampen backblast.
~ In-game description

The AT-4 CS is an anti-tank weapon featured in Squad.

General Information[]

The AT-4 is an 84mm unguided, single-shot anti-tank weapon produced in Sweden. It's intention is to give infantry units a way of fighting armored vehicles and fortifications, but is generally considered ineffective against modern Main Battle Tanks. The launcher and projectile are part of a single system which is discarded after a single use like the M72A7 LAW.

The AT-4 was developed in the mid-80s originally for use of the Swedish army. Even before the Swedish adoption of the system it already entered a US Army competition in 1982, where it came out as a winner and was adopted after some changes were made to it. It is now in use in many armies across the world, and the US has produced over 300,000 locally. The High Penetration version of the AT-4 is in very limited service with the British army under the designation of ILAW. ILAW stands for Interim Light Anti-Armour Weapon and is meant to fill the gap between the LAW 80 launcher and the new NLAW, a guided missile system.


The AT-4 CS is available to two factions and features different warheads depending on faction:

Faction Role Variant Warhead Explosion Radius Penetration Capability Rounds Added in
USArmy Flag.PNG US Army Icon Light Anti Tank kit.png M136 84mm High Explosive Anti-Tank 7.5m 420mm RHA 1 Alpha 14
GB flag.jpg British Army Icon Heavy Anti Tank kit.png ILAW 84mm High Penetration 7.5m 600mm RHA 1 Alpha 14

Gameplay tips:

  • Both variants are single-shot, disposable launchers that fire one round and are then discarded.
  • The US Army M136 AT-4 CS and the British Army ILAW AT-4 CS look almost identical in-game. Remember that the American variant is significantly weaker than the British one. Both are still formidable infantry-carried anti-tank weapons, especially in the right hands.
  • Both variants are relatively short-ranged and use simplistic iron sights. Press X and then scroll with the mouse wheel to adjust your iron sights up or down. Practice on the range to get a feel for hitting targets at different distances.
  • Armour matters. The slope of the armour, its thickness, the angle at which you hit it, all of that matters when the game-engine decides if you just dealt damage to a target. Examine the vehicle armour models on Jensen's Range to learn where your shots will do damage.
  • When you reload your ammunition from an ammo crate, your launcher is not automatically ready to fire the next time you switch to it. You must switch to the launcher, finish the animation of discarding the old launcher, and then arm the new one.
  • This launcher, like all rockets, missiles and grenade launchers in-game as of A14, has a minimum arming distance. For the AT-4 this is 25m. If you are too close to your target, the rocket will not detonate or deal any damage.


As of Alpha 14, the AT-4 has been reworked significantly. In a US Army squad with two LAT kits, one kit will get one AT-4 and one M72A7 LAW, and the other LAT will only get a single M72. The US HAT kit is now armed with an M3 MAAWS as its primary anti-tank weapon, replacing the AT-4. The US Army AT-4 penetration and damage values were nerfed as a result of its replacement. It is still much stronger than the M72. It is also the most powerful LAT weapon by base damage, and the second in terms of armor penetration. Aside from this, it is also the only infantry carried anti-tank weapon which can destroy helicopters in a single shot.


As of Alpha 14 the British Army use the AT-4 (called the L2A1 ILAW - Interim Light Anti-Tank Weapon) as their primary Heavy Anti Tank weapon. In contrast to the American AT-4 which was nerfed to Light Anti-Tank and then replaced, the British variant of the AT-4 was buffed to reflect the British Army using an upgraded variant with higher penetration.


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