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9M133 Kornet
Kornet Real Life.jpg
Users Russian Ground Forces
Middle Eastern Alliance
Capacity One
Cartridge 1,000–1,200 (9K135), 1,200 (E), 1,300 (D) mm RHA penetration after ERA with Tandem HEAT, Thermobaric
Fire Mode Single Shot

The 9M133 Kornet is an Anti Tank deployment available in Squad. The Kornet started development in 1988 and was introduced to the Russian Ground Forces a decade later.

General description[]

The KBP Instrument Design Bureau started development of the Kornet in 1988 as a modular, universal system able to engage any target from a mix of platforms using a reliable laser beam guidance system that was simple to use. It is a heavy anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), superior to the earlier 9K111 Fagot and 9K113 Konkurs wire-guided ATGMs, but not to replace them (due to the cost). The missile was unveiled in October 1994 and entered service in the Russian Ground Forces in 1998. The Kornet was exported to numerous countries as its export designation Kornet-E.

The 9M133 missile together with its 9P163-1 tripod launcher and 1PN79-1 thermal sight forms the 9K135 missile system, which can be carried and operated by a two-person infantry crew. The transfer to the firing position takes less than one minute, and preparation and production of a shot in at least one second. 


The Kornet is only used by the Russian Ground Forces and Middle Eastern Alliance in Squad.[1]

  • The Kornet is available as a tripod mounted emplacement built at Forward Operating Bases. You can continue to reload and fire missiles as long as there are enough ammunition points.
  • One advantage this system has over the BGM-71 TOW is the ability for the gunner to be behind cover and still have the ability to fire, making it a little more operator-friendly. The trigger and sight are both below the missile as opposed to alongside it. It also has a slightly faster reload time than its American counterpart.
  • One disadvantage of the Kornet is that its gunner's sight zoom is significantly weaker than that of the TOW. This makes it more difficult to engage targets at longer ranges compared to the TOW.
  • When shooting at targets beyond actual rocket-engine range, the operator can aim quite a bit above the target so the Kornet will go ballistic after engine-burnout and still hit the target.
  • Damage is on-par with the TOW Missile.
  • The maximum effective range for the Kornet is 1.95 - 2.0 kilometers. The minimum arming distance is 40 meters.


Loading and firing screen of the Kornet



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