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9M113 Konkurs
Konkurs ATGM.jpg
Users Russian Ground Forces
Middle Eastern Alliance
Irregular Militia
Capacity One to five
Cartridge 500 - 650 mm RHA penetration
Fire Mode Single Shot

The 9M113 Konkurs is an Anti Tank weapon available in Squad. The Konkurs started development in 1962 and was introduced to the Russian Ground Forces a decade later.

General description[]

It’s one of the most successful anti-tank weapons ever developed by the Soviet Union. Often compared by Western sources to the American BGM-71 TOW or the French MILAN, in reality the 9K113 Konkurs (Russian for “Competition”), designated the "AT-5 Spandrel" by the West, has little in common with its peers.


In game, you can use the Konkurs in the gunner's seat BMP-2 and the BRDM-2 Spandrel. The Konkurs/Spandrel is a wire-guided anti-tank guided missile and is comparable to the BGM-71 TOW, 9M133 Kornet, and the 9M14 Malyutka. The Konkurs actually has the same penetration value as the Malyutka (which is lower than the TOW and Kornet), but travels directly straight when fired and travels at a faster velocity. It is still a powerful anti-tank weapon, and can still deal massive damage to enemy armor. It is available to the Russian Ground Forces, Middle Eastern Alliance, Irregular Militia, and Insurgent forces as their primary vehicle-mounted anti-tank guided missile.

  • BRDM-2 Spandrel: Because of the short delay between shots, you can 'spam' the missiles easily. This makes the BRDM-2 Spandrel an effective armor hunter, comparable to the role fulfilled by the US Army's M-ATV TOW.
  • BMP-2: The Konkurs servers also serves as a powerful anti-tank weapon for the BMP-2. It's the counterpart of the TOW in the M2A3. It can also be used against tanks, and is also very effective against other IFVs in a head on fight.




Konkurs on BRDM-2 scope.png Konkurs on BMP-2 scope.png

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